Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) headed off for a last-minute flight to America in tonight's EastEnders (25th May), intent on getting a dying Lola Pearce-Brown on a new treatment to buy her more time.


Sadly, Lola's time is running out as her brain tumour has deteriorated, but Ben promised their daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) that he would ensure Lola would live long enough to see her attend an opening day for secondary school.

Everyone else is well aware that Lola won't make it to that day, but Ben continued to insist he could help tonight.

He was unimpressed to find the locals buying alcohol and planning a fun day for Lola as they put on a Ladies' Day at the races from her home, after an idea from her husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick). Ben later made a scene when he heard Lexi discussing the fact that her mum wouldn't be with them for much longer.

When Ben's husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay) and mum Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) tried to talk some sense into him, Ben dismissed this, saying they had all given up hope.

Kathy relayed a memory of her late mother-in-law, Lou Beale (Anna Wing), dishing out some home truths to her family before accepting that she was ready to die, but Ben pointed out that Lola was too young and this simply wasn't right.

Jay Brown and Lola Pearce-Brown in EastEnders
Lola is deteriorating fast. BBC

Ben left to meet with Dr Washington, where he asked her to put him in touch with someone who could put Lola on the new treatment plan. When the doctor suggested that Lola couldn't cope with a plane journey, Ben tried to find ways around this.

Asked whether Lola was aware of what he was planning, Ben admitted that she didn't need to know until he was able to offer her the chance to see Lexi's important day.

He pleaded with Dr Washington to help him, then visited Lola to apologise for his earlier actions. Ben told Lola to keep that urge to fight within her, before returning home to tell Callum that he was flying to America there and then.

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Callum attempted to put a stop to this; but Ben was emotional as he begged Callum to support him, as he felt like everyone was turning against him and couldn't bear the thought of his husband doing the same.

Left feeling like he had no choice, Callum told Ben that he would always support him, and Ben discussed a mystery "deposit" on the phone, then got in his car and drove to the airport as a helpless Callum looked on.

Meanwhile, after a catch-up with a crafty Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker), who rigged the races in her favour, Lola zoned out again. Back in bed, she was joined by Lexi, who described her upcoming open day via a leaflet.

But as she cradled her daughter close, Lola was devastated to know that, as she advised Lexi on what to bring with her for the day, she soon wouldn't be able to do so.

With Lola's condition worsening by the day, will Ben make it back in time to say goodbye and be there for Lexi?

For information, help and support on matters associated with Lola's storyline, head to Macmillan Cancer Support or Brain Tumour Research.

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