EastEnders: Adam Woodyatt on the future of the Ian and Phil bromance – video interview

And find out which question causes the actor to flee his chat with RadioTimes.com

The new-found closeness between Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) has delighted those fans more used to seeing the two archenemies at loggerheads.


In the wake of Lucy Beale’s death, Phil has been an unlikely source of support for Ian, but will their bromance continue? “I think it’s doubtful,” admits Adam Woodyatt, who caught up with RadioTimes.com at this year’s British Soap Awards. 

But what the recent scenes have allowed for his a new way for Woodyatt to work with fellow castmate Steve McFadden: “It’s softened it a little bit. There was a scene the other week where Sharon called it a bromance and Phil replied, ‘he’s still a weasel’. But it’s great working with Steve. He’s such a brilliant colleague.”

But although Woodyatt was eager  to wax lyrical about the relationship between Ian and Phil, he was less enamoured with discussing whether his character was better suited to being with Denise (Diane Parish) or Jane (Laurie Brett).


Keep watching until the closing seconds of the video for a classic interview walk-out moment. Well, it didn’t exactly help that Diane Parish was standing alongside him at the time…