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EastEnders to return to 4 episodes a week - but the instalments will be shorter in length

There had to be a catch...

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Published: Friday, 12th June 2020 at 1:16 pm

If you, like us, are big fans of EastEnders then we do not need to tell you that the show is about to go off the air due to lockdown and the subsequent production shut down.


Whilst we do have classic episodes, and a behind the scenes show, the Stacey Dooley fronted Secrets From The Square, to tide us over, it won't be the same as getting our regular Walford fix.

Viewers have already seen the show reduced to two episodes per week since the pandemic broke out, but we can confirm that there is some good news on the way when EastEnders does return, albeit with a slight catch.

We will be back up to four episodes when the show does come back, but they won't run at their usual length with it being confirmed they will have a 20-minute run time, so slightly shorter than what we have been used to.

Speaking about the decision, EastEnders' executive producer Jon Sen said: "Resuming production is incredibly exciting and challenging in equal measure. Since we postponed filming we’ve been working non-stop trialling techniques, filming methods and new ways of working so that we can return to screens four times a week – as EastEnders should be".

Adding that there are new difficulties that come with the revised ways of filming, Sen continued: "Filming will inevitably be a more complex process now so creating 20-minute episodes will enable us to ensure that when we return, EastEnders will still be the show the audience know and love".

Keegan Jack Tiff EastEnders

Rest assured, the measure is only a temporary one with normal services expected to resume at some point in the future. As for when we should expect these shorter doses of Walford life, the BBC and Eastenders have remained tight-lipped so far, only saying that announcements will be made in due course. Filming on the soap is set to resume this month and it will be at least a few weeks until new episodes will be ready to air.

Sen also revealed that another show that used the same set proved instrumental in getting things up and running again.

"Some of the production team have had invaluable experience producing drama conscientiously and socially distanced whilst filming BBC One’s upcoming revival of Talking Heads, on the set of EastEnders back in April, building upon these techniques to apply to the much larger scale needed for the show."


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