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EastEnders: 10 brilliant Bianca Butcher moments

As Patsy Palmer bows out of the BBC1 soap, we give a rundown of her Albert Square highlights

Published: Wednesday, 9th April 2014 at 11:01 am

Following the news that Patsy Palmer is to leave EastEnders this autumn, we take a look back at some of mouthy Bianca Jackson's greatest ever Walford moments.


1) Bianca v Kane
When her son Liam got mixed up with a local gang, Bianca wasted no time in tackling leader Kane before sending her son to live with his dad for his own protection.

2) Bianca finds that Billie has died
In shock scenes, Bianca found her brother Billie dead following an alcohol-fuelled birthday celebration and had to tell mum Carol the awful news:

3) Paedophilia plotline
One of the soap’s most controversial storylines saw Bianca’s adoptive daughter Whitney groomed by stepfather Tony King. The revelation about what Bianca's boyfriend was up to caused horrible distress for the Jackson family.

4) Bianca makes a move on David Wicks
Bianca enjoyed a flirtation with dodgy David following his arrival on the Square, little realising that he was her biological father…

5) Natasha's Spina Bifida
After becoming pregnant with Ricky’s baby, a pre-natal scan revealed that Bianca's unborn foetus had the conditions of spina bifida. A termination and a heavy period of grieving followed for poor Bianca.

6) The Carol, Bianca and Dan love triangle
Bianca's extramarital affair with her mum's boyfriend Dan Sullivan resulted in Patsy Palmer's original exit from EastEnders in 1999. As the truth came out, viewers were left gobsmacked as the family tore itself apart.

7) Bianca gives birth to Liam
Christmas is always a time for high drama and 1998 proved to be no exception. On 25 December, Bianca gave birth to baby Liam - on the floor of the Queen Vic.

8) Food fight!
More Christmas mayhem as Bianca got a case of the green-eyed monster thanks to the appearance of boyfriend Terry's ex. Air hostess Nikki got a face full of turkey lunch over 2013's festive period.

9) Bianca - arrested
In what felt like a modern-day retelling of Cathy Come Home, Bianca found herself arrested after assaulting a police officer, jeopardising the future of the kids in her care in the process.

10) Fighting with Sam Mitchell
Shared history with Ricky meant that Sam and Bianca were often at loggerheads. This smackdown saw Bianca branded an "ugly, ginger mug" before the fists flew.



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