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British Soap Awards: Jacqueline Jossa defends herself after Hollyoaks "self-harm" comment

Jacqueline Jossa's comment to her EastEnders co-star was caught on camera at the British Soap Awards

Published: Sunday, 3rd June 2018 at 12:26 pm

EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa has been forced to defend herself after her comment about "self-harm" was caught on cameras at the British Soap Awards, sparking online outrage.


The incident came as Hollyoaks was awarded the Best Storyline award for Lauren McQueen's character Lily Drinkwell and her self-harm storyline.

But as the audience applauded, the camera panned to Jossa, who was sitting with her former EastEnders co-stars Lacey Turner and Jake Wood (aka Stacey Slater and Max Branning).

Speaking to Turner, Jossa appeared to say "I think they all self-harm on that show."

After being called out online, Jossa – who played Lauren Branning – was forced to clarify her comments and explain the context.

EastEnders - Lauren and Abi

The pregnant soap star wrote in her Instagram story: "Just to clear things up, Lacey asked me what the storyline was, as we couldn’t hear. I answered with, I’m not actually sure, ‘I think they all self-harmed on that show’.

"I didn’t watch the show, I only went from the clip I saw previous, which involved three girls on a bed. I haven’t watched the show recently so don’t actually know, but always love it and wasn’t discrediting. I was literally answering what the storyline was.


"I know that self-harm isn’t a joke, obviously, and love any soap that tackles hard stories. It’s been taken out of context! Jake Wood’s story involved self-harm too. I wasn’t hating, I was answering a question. Sorry for offence!!"

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