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EastEnders: Ben discovers Keanu is still alive - and Callum is in danger

Revenge is sweet for Sharon's ex-toy boy

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Published: Monday, 10th February 2020 at 8:28 pm

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) got a nasty surprise in EastEnders when he called in on boyfriend Callum Highway (Tony Clay) and found Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) waiting in his flat, very much alive and threatening his lover's life.


Monday 10th February's dramatic instalment of EastEnders saw Keanu skulking around the fringes of Square, back from the dead after Martin Fowler and Linda Carter helped to fake his death. The Mitchells had ordered him to be killed on Christmas Day, after his affair with Sharon was exposed.

eastenders callum highway

Attempting to persuade Shaz to run away with him so they could raise their unborn baby together, Keanu later put his revenge plan against the Mitchell clan into action. Sneaking up to his flat, the Taylor toy boy stunned Callum as he prepared to leave for his assessment to join the police force.

Later, upon learning from Stuart Highway that Callum never showed at the meeting, Ben went to investigate - then looked like he'd seen the proverbial ghost when he was faced with a bearded, cap-wearing Keanu clad in black and with a murderous look in his eye calmly sitting in front of him. Callum, meanwhile, was nowhere to be seen…

Confirming Martin didn't have it in him to do the job Ben hired him for, a brooding Keanu revelled in turning the tables on his tormentor when Phil's mini-me tried to play the big man and ordered him to leave, insisting he do exactly as he says or he'd never see Callum alive again.

eastenders keanu taylor

This paves the way for the dramatic events of the 35th anniversary week, kicking off on Monday 17th February, in which the Mitchells are in the eye of the storm. Will Callum be the much-discussed death that forms part of the milestone? Walters says his character is capable of anything at this point:

"Keanu isn't scared now the Mitchells know he's alive. His mission is to be a father to his and Sharon's child and be the dad he never had. He has nothing else to lose so has no fear - he won't let anyone stand in the way of him achieving his goal.

"Ben took everything from Keanu and tried to get him killed, so Keanu wants to put Ben through what he went through and make him feel that he's lost everything. He needs to go after the most precious thing to him, and that's Callum…"

Can Ben save Callum, or is crazed Keanu going to take the ultimate revenge?


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