As Peter is rushed to hospital in Coronation Street, is this the end for him and Carla?

Peter's problems continue...

peter barlow coronation street

Ever since he turned back to alcohol in Coronation Street, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) has been in a downward spiral – one that nearly ended up claiming his relationship and his life.


But those problems are not yet behind him and in scenes coming to the ITV soap next week, it is beginning to look like it could end up being the end of the road for him and Carla Connor (Alison King).

The drama unfolds when Peter fails to turn up to work and when Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) goes to check on him, he finds him seemingly drunk and slurring his words when he tries to explain himself. Peter tries to explain to Steve that he is just unwell, but he is talking to a man who is not in the mood to listen to his attempted explanation.

Meanwhile, Carla has been getting advice from Lucas (Glen Wallace) and he tells her that she needs to focus on herself for a while and they head out on the town to do just that. But when they return, they are immediately faced with the news that Peter collapsed and was rushed off to the hospital – and like Steve, they assume he has been drinking again.

carla peter coronation street

When he wakes up, he tries talking to Carla and insists that he had not touched a drop of the booze. Unfortunately for Peter though, his past says otherwise and Carla refuses to believe that he is telling the truth.

As she tries to process all this, Lucas asks if she would like to go to Devon with him and while she is unsure, Steve urges her to jump at the chance and reminds her that there seems to be no saving Peter from his demons.

Peter begs Carla not to give up on them and while she is wavering, the doctors clarify that Peter was not drunk and actually suffering from side effects of the damage done to his liver. Now it is Carla’s turn to ask for forgiveness but Peter challenges whether he actually still wants a future with him.

Will Carla use the opportunity to get a fresh start away from Peter for good?


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