The grisly demise of Pat Phelan is to lead to his daughter Nicola leaving Coronation Street behind for a new life in Bristol. And she’ll be taking both newborn son Zack and landlady Eileen with her.

In the wake of Phelan’s reign on terror coming to an end, Nicola makes the momentous decision to quit Weatherfield, but tells Gary that he can visit his baby boy whenever he likes.

Eileen also looks set to leave the neighbourhood when she decides to join Nicola in the wake of the bloodbath that put both Nicola and Michelle’s lives on the line.


Scenes to be shown next week will see Tim and Steve throw their colleague a going-away party at the cab office, while Eileen tells Seb that he’s welcome to stay on at the house until she manages to find a tenant.

But as soon as Eileen and Nicola have gone, Seb’s mum Abi comes knocking on the door of Number 11 and invites her herself to stay.

By next Friday, Seb will be left shocked as his mum masquerades as Eileen and tells the letting agent that the house is no longer available to rent. But will Seb condone his mother’s actions? And have Eileen, Nicola and Zack really gone for good?

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