There was a shocking twist in tonight's Coronation Street (25th March), and it left Gary Windass (Mikey North) completely floored.


After keeping his murderous secret under wraps for almost three years, Gary came to accept that his part in Rick Neelan's (Greg Wood) death was about to unravel.

Events spiralled after Gary attempted to gain access to the site so he could once again move Rick's body, having learned it was at risk of being unearthed due to imminent building work. But when he was caught out, Gary had to pretend to be a nosy football fan who was simply keen to see the new training ground.

When he returned, Gary was more panicked than ever, but kept up appearances in front of friends as he congratulated wife Maria (Samia Longchambon) for winning the recent election.

But Maria knew instantly that Gary's one-man mission had failed, and they discussed the fact that it would only be a matter of time before the police arrived at their door.

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Meanwhile, Rick's dying ex-wife Laura (played by Kel Allen, who gave her best performance yet) met with the private investigator she had hired to track him down, and was told the man was almost certainly dead.

Not only that, but it was proven that Gary was the last man to have any contact with Rick. Laura later quizzed Gary, and given the position he now found himself in, he came clean to her.

Gary Windass and Laura Neelan in Coronation Street
Gary Windass and Laura Neelan in Coronation Street. ITV / Danielle Baguley

Laura agreed to hear him out, and eventually understood how Rick came to be killed. But as she needed her ex to be declared dead so she could secure Rick's money for Kelly's future, Laura told Gary she saw no other option than to report what she now knew.

Gary accepted her decision but asked her to give him enough time to talk to Maria, keeping his wife's knowledge of his secret quiet in the process. While Gary conceded he was on borrowed time, Laura overheard Kelly telling pal Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) how lucky she felt to be living with Gary and Maria.

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Laura was thoughtful over her daughter's words, and when Gary and Maria approached their flat they couldn't believe what they were seeing as the police led Laura away in handcuffs.

As Kelly shouted that her mum wasn't well, Gary realised that Laura had just made the ultimate sacrifice to protect her daughter's welfare and allow him to get away with murder in the process.

How will Kelly react to her mum's false confession? And with Laura's health declining fast, can Gary really let her take the blame? Will he decide to hand himself in so she can spend her final days with Kelly, or agree that her choice will be for the best?

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