Coronation Street’s Kate and Rana to split after shock ultimatum?

Is this the end of #Kana?


Kate Connor will issue girlfriend Rana Nazir with a surprise ultimatum in next week’s Coronation Street that could lead to the end of the pair’s relationship. The fan favourites have been under pressure of late, with Rana forced to deny her romance with Kate in order to see her ailing dad Hassan one last time before he passed away.


In the wake of the family bereavement, Hassan’s widow Saira will be seeing trying to persuade solicitor son Imran to join her on a six-week cruise. But Weatherfield’s legal eagle is reluctant to go and asks Kate to suggest it to Rana, claiming that it could build bridges between them.

As Corrie fans saw last Friday, Saira strongly disagrees with the idea of Rana and Kate being together and demanded that her daughter admit that the relationship is “shameful” and “against nature”. So it’s no surprise that Kate balks at the idea of Rana being part of her mother’s life.


New plotline details revealed on the soap’s official website state that Kate is in no mood to entertain the plan – in fact, she flatly refuses, pointing out that Imran is just trying to get out of it himself. And then comes her stern words to Rana: if she goes on the cruise, she won’t wait for her. So what will Rana do? Is this the end of #Kana? Or is she set to put her relationship above family ties?


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