Leanne's efforts to help a drunken Zeedan in next week's Coronation Street look set to backfire after he makes a pass at her!

In the run-up to the shock kiss, Zeedan will be seeing telling Leanne that he still loves Rana, despite her having cheated on him with Kate.

Leanne tells Zee that he will find love again and - seeing how upset he is - agrees to stay for dinner. But Leanne will get more than she bargained for when Zeedan hits the bottle before moving in for an impromptu snog.

After he makes the unwelcome advance, Zee ends up chasing after a fleeing Leanne as he tries to apologise for his actions - all the time being watched with interest by Kate.


But when Kate later relays what she's witnessed to Rana, she's surprised when Rana tells her that she's not surprised Zeedan is showing interest in other women as their marriage is purely a financial arrangement.


Kate and Rana then have a heart to heart and declare their love for each other, how will Zeedan react when he finds them together?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week's drama on Coronation Street below. And visit our dedicated Coronation Street page for all the latest news, interviews and spoilers.