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Yasmeen Metcalfe makes her decision as Sally takes drastic action in Coronation Street twist

What's next for Yasmeen?

Coronation Street Yasmeen
Published: Tuesday, 2nd June 2020 at 12:08 pm

Viewers of Coronation Street have seen Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) subjected to months of abuse and torment by husband, Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholemew).


In a cruel blow, it is Yasmeen that has ended up in prison after her wine bottle attack on Geoff when he pushed her too far.

While Geoff survived and is back on the cobbles to continue turning the screws against her, she remains behind bars and this week sees her make a shock move.

She had long planned to plead guilty to the attack, something her granddaughter, Alya (Sair Khan), struggled to comprehend as she knew a large extent of his wicked ways.

Upcoming scenes show Yasmeen tell Alya more about what Geoff had put her through and her worried relative is stunned to hear the levels of abuse that was being heaped on her. At first, Yasmeen sticks to her guns and still plans to plead guilty, leaving Alya devastated that Geoff's control over her can reach as far as the prison.

But, when her day in court comes, there is a big surprise for all when Yasmeen takes a stand and enters a not guilty plea. The move is a huge one for Yasmeen and this is the first sign we have had that she may be about to start regaining some control of her life.

But while Alya celebrates her bravery, Geoff is not so pleased. He's furious over what she has done and likely frustrated at his control over her beginning to slip. His son Tim (Joe Duttine) is ready to support him, but Tim's wife Sally (Sally Dynevor) has other ideas - she has been slowly realising what kind of man Geoff is and is about to make a stand.

yasmeen coronation street

Leaving Tim shocked, Sally tells him that she no longer wants Geoff living under their roof. How will Tim react, and what will Geoff do when he realises that those close to him are starting to see through his act?

With current Corrie boss Ian Macleod saying that there will be no redemption for Geoff, we can expect him to get even nastier the more he is backed into a corner.

Coronation Street filming is set to resume next Tuesday after the COVID-19 production shutdown, albeit with some changes in-front and behind the camera. The most noticeable of which will be that older cast members will not be returning alongside everyone else due to the risk to their health.


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