Poor Yasmeen (Shelley King) in Coronation Street has been suffering at the hands of the abusive Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) for some time now and while her close friends have started to realise what he has been doing, she has remained unaware of how much control he has begun to have over her.


The coercive control storyline has been playing out for months now, but recently we saw the story take a turn as Yasmeen delighted viewers by standing up for herself and walking out on him.

Unfortunately though, it seems that everyone may have celebrated too soon as Geoff made another power play, this time threatening to end his own life if she followed through on her plan to leave him.

As she returned home to look for him, he wasn't there- instead he was watching her on cameras that he had set up.

Later, as the two agreed to a fresh start, he was unaware that she wasn't as on board with starting again as she claimed to be.

Instead, she called the police and asked for the information on Geoff's past that would show what an abusive man he is.

But Geoff is about to get wind that she is still starting to resist him when he spies that she has a leaflet on domestic abuse.

He reads this for himself and rather than seeing how problematic his behaviour is, he instead decides it's time he took his manipulation to a new level to ensure that Yasmeen will never leave him.

His first step is to try and end her friendships and he wastes no time in starting with Cathy.

coronation street yasmeen

What starts as an innocent chat between two friends soon turns ugly when Geoff uses his manipulator skills to cause trouble, making it so that Yasmeen inadvertently offends her.

It does the trick as Cathy is quick to storm out and Geoff takes great pleasure in suggesting that Yasmeen has lost this particular friend for good.

Will Yasmeen realise what his latest game is? Or will his evil ways continue to go unchallenged?


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