Coronation Street: wicked Hannah swaps Steve’s DNA test – watch the new scene from Monday’s episode

Will Steve fall for Hannah's duplicitous plan?

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Hannah and Jim put the next part of their cruel scheme into action on tonight’s Coronation Street. With Steve still unsure about whether the truth is being told about his sister, he demands that she take a DNA test to prove that they’re related. Hannah appears happy to go ahead with the idea, but little does Steve realise that she’s about to fix the test in order to get the result she needs.


In this new clip released by Corrie, Steve can be seen providing his swab, only for Hannah two surreptitiously swap his sample for one taken from her brother. But will her plan work?

Later this week, Hannah will be seen upping the ante when she fakes a collapse after hearing that Liz still has money from her sale of the Rovers. Fearing for the health of her ‘daughter’, Liz asks Hannah to move in so she can take care of her, a move that leaves Tracy less than impressed.


Meanwhile, Jim begins to question Hannah on whether they’re going too far with their plan, leaving Hannah to question if Jim still has feelings for Liz…


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