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Coronation Street: who will Phelan abduct next? Daniel? Vinny? Or editor Cindy?

Is there about to be a new occupant of Andy's cellar?

Published: Friday, 6th October 2017 at 8:55 pm

Coronation Street villain Pat Phelan appears set to press ahead with Andy's 'prisoner exchange' scheme, but who will he decide to kidnap next?


Andy's plan is to secure his own release by getting Phelan to abduct someone else on his hit list. A desperate Andy has then proposed that he will guard whoever Pat has in mind, freeing the unscrupulous builder from the responsibility of looking after the poor, unfortunate soul.

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Friday's double bill threw up a few sizeable hints as to who the abductee could be, thanks to Daniel's investigation into the Calcutta Street flats imbroglio.

Corrie fans saw Daniel pay a visit to a certain Flora McArdle at a local nursing home, only for Phelan to follow on close behind.

After getting his own sit-down chat with Flora, Pat worked out that Flora is the mother of Vinny, the dodgy businessman who did a runner with the money from their sick scam. And what's more - his real name appears to be Harvey.

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Phelan then headed back to the Street to put the frighteners on Daniel and warn him off from doing any more probing. But a somewhat reckless Daniel seems ever-more determined to get to the truth.

Having failed to convince Daniel to back off, Pat then made sure he came into contact with Cindy - the editor of the Weatherfield Gazette, who is also getting passionate with Daniel in their spare time. The result? Phelan has now managed to pocket her mobile phone...

This evening's cliffhanger then saw Phelan head back to Andy's prison and told him that he'd found the ideal candidate to be his replacement.

But who does Pat have in mind? Will it be Daniel, whose exposé he needs to shut down? Is Cindy going to be targeted as a way of scaring Daniel? Or will Phelan pay Flora another visit - especially seeing as he now knows that Vinny is set to contact his dear old mum?

We get the impression that this trio definitely need to be watching their backs...

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