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Coronation Street: Vinny returns - will Phelan get revenge?

Will Pat frame Vinny for the crime of abducting Andy?

Published: Wednesday, 23rd August 2017 at 9:02 am

Dodgy Vinny Ashford looks set to return to Coronation Street, adding a fresh dimension to the soap's current kidnap storyline involving Pat Phelan and Andy Carver.


Underhand Vinny (Ian Kelsey) absconded last November, taking with him the money made from his and Phelan's flat-building scam - and leaving an enraged Pat (Connor McIntyre) to face the music back on the Street.

Now it seems as though Vinny will make a comeback to Weatherfield and that Phelan will waste little time in tying his partner in crime to the abduction of Andy (Oliver Farnworth), who was revealed last Friday to be being held captive in a dank basement.


Coronation Street refuses to comment on upcoming plotlines, but a source told The Sun: "In Phelan's mind, Andy being in his basement is all Vinny's fault, so his return comes at the perfect time for him to get rid of Andy and to get revenge on Vinny."

So will the reappearance of Vinny allow villainous Phelan to evade justice? Added the insider: "Vinny's return won't be what viewers expect and it will give Phelan the chance to solve all his problems in one fell swoop."

Speaking recently about the power play between Phelan and Andy, actor Connor McIntyre said: "There’s a tussle going on and he needs to resolve it.

"And then there are things that happen that really bring out the darker angels of his nature, because we see him trying to work out a bit of a compromise."

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