Coronation Street: Vinny returns – and gets a shock from Phelan

What will Pat do next?

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Coronation Street crook Vinny Ashford  – sorry, Harvey McArdle – has been glimpsed tonight making a FaceTime call to his dear old mum. But the Weatherfield swindler got the shock of his life when he found the face of villainous Pat Phelan staring back at him.


Vinny hasn’t been seen since he and Phelan cheated the Street’s residents out of cash, only to then abscond with all the money. Now, cunning Pat has found a way to make contact after befriending Vinny/Harvey’s mum Flora at her nursing home.

Wasting no time, a vengeful Phelan was quick to issue a warning: either Vinny shows his face again in the UK or something bad will happen to Flora. Knowing how Phelan is prone to a spot of kidnapping, we think Vinny should take the threat seriously.

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Later on, in the episode, Corrie fans saw Pat making checks on a gun he’s managed to get hold of, fuelling suspicion that Vinny will be replacing Andy as his hostage of choice in the basement over at Abduction HQ.

But might there be more to this high-stakes plotline than meets the eye? After all, Daniel Osbourne has also been rubbing Pat up the wrong way thanks to his investigation into the Calcutta Street flats scam. Might Phelan be planning to use the firearm on him?

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No doubt all will be revealed in the weeks ahead as Corrie’s most malevolent character puts his scheme into action…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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