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Coronation Street's Sue Nicholls hints at Stephen's real motive behind return

The star teased what we could expect from the returning character.

Sue Nicholls as Audrey Roberts in Coronation Street
Published: Friday, 1st July 2022 at 12:01 am
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Coronation Street icon Sue Nicholls has revealed an insight into the return of her alter ego Audrey Roberts's son Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce).


Stephen recently arrived back in Weatherfield for the first time in 15 years - although his extended family have visited him at his home in Italy in the interim. His comeback has tied in with mum Audrey's heavy drinking, which caused her to have an accident which landed her in hospital.

Now, star Nicholls, who has played Audrey for over 40 years, says that her character has her son "on a pedestal".

Asked about Audrey's relationship with Stephen, the actress explains: "As far as she is concerned Stephen can do no wrong, he is the golden child. He is a very successful businessman and whether the family like it or not he is ‘her Stephen’ and she has him on a pedestal."

This is something that Audrey's daughter Gail Rodwell (Helen Worth) has recently voiced on-screen. And Nicholls adds that Audrey is thrilled to have her son home with her.

Stephen came to his mum's rescue

"She has not seen him for years," Nicholls continues. "He was her first born and her parents made her give her son away. She had no idea that family had contacted him because they were worried about her. She is thrilled that he has arrived and he is in Grasmere Drive with her when she comes out of hospital."

With members of Audrey's clan feeling suspicious as Stephen helps her with her will, does she have any reason not to trust him?

"I don’t read scripts or find out storylines so ignorance is bliss," Nicholls admits. "She trusts him implicitly. He can do no wrong. They have done things which have been fraudulent, and disloyal, so she isn't really interested in how they feel about it.

"She is just doing it her way and having some control over it. Stephen is the one person who has given her no reason to believe he has anything but her best interests at heart."

It remains to be seen whether the Platts are right to doubt Stephen, but the star goes on to reveal her thoughts on Coronation Street's current exploration of Audrey.

"I am really pleased that they are taking that up," she says. "It isn't about whether or not Audrey is drinking too much, it is about her trying to keep her independence. I am only a couple of years younger than Audrey and I am also a lady on her own. It is interesting, there are a lot of people out there who will identify with what is happening to Audrey and will identify with the family's side of things."

Nicholls concludes by teasing what's to come for Audrey. "She is going to continue to struggle, she has always worked and it was a big part of her life and she misses seeing different people and being out and about.

"Now the family are fighting over her will, which gives her a real sense of her own mortality and that is not a nice thing to have to think about. Stephen is there supporting her but he has other things happening his life and she doesn't want to keep him from his businesses.

"There is a lot more to come in this storyline and I really hope it will resonate and make people have a chat about their own circumstances."

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