Coronation Street spoilers: next week’s episodes in 60 seconds- 19 January 2015

26-30 January: Sinead is convinced that she's paralysed for life, while Steve is plagued by guilt logo

David leaves a message for Kylie telling her Gail’s dead. Gail’s horrified and when there’s no response from Kylie, David despairs. But when he then gets a call telling him Kylie’s been caught shoplifting in Rochdale, David’s hopes soar. Is he about to be reunited with his wife?


Chesney breaks the news to Sinead that she has only imagined the feeling in her legs. Sinead’s devastated, convinced she’s paralysed for life.

Later in the week, Steve tells Michelle how he can’t forgive himself for the fact Sinead might never walk again. When Michelle later asks him to run an errand for her, Steve gets in his car but suffers a panic attack, admitting to Tyrone that he’s too frightened to drive. Chesney wades in and shoving Steve, blames him for Sinead’s injuries and demands some answers.

And Todd stirs up trouble for Jason when Eva forms a plan to buy a place with Jason. Will Todd ruin things for his brother?


You can watch your 60-second guide to next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below: