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Next week's Coronation Street spoilers: Shock death revealed, plus Yasmeen reaches out

And young Oliver is in big danger

Published: Saturday, 4th April 2020 at 8:00 am

I’m afraid anyone wanting light relief won’t be finding much solace in Coronation Street next week (6th to 10th April 2020), what with the death of Ken’s beloved pet dog Eccles.


Thankfully, Yasmeen looks to be getting the upper hand where Geoff is concerned – only for him to make another disturbing move.

Read on for all the drama...

Eccles dies

Coronation Street Ken Barlow

Being a nation of animal lovers, we’re always hit hard when a beloved soap pet dies. There are some who’ve never recovered from the poisoning of Wellard in 2008, while others are still brought to tears by memories of Schmeichel’s demise in 2011. Now, Coronation Street is set to leave us traumatised once again as Emma takes Eccles for a walk, only to realise that she’s not herself. A visit to the vet then reveals that the lovable dog has an inoperable tumour.

Canny Corrie fans may have twigged that something was wrong with Eccles when she was seen looking lackadaisical in Ken’s lap the other week. With the pair having forged a close bond this last decade, you can expect the Barlow family patriarch to be devastated by news of the border terrier’s death. After all, they’ve been through a lot together – Eccles even had to witness some of randy Ken’s canal-side trysts with Martha Fraser, the poor thing.

What’s wrong with Oliver?

Coronation Street, Steve McDonald, Amy Barlow

After little Oliver’s lethargy became a feature of his birthday celebrations back in February, I started to suspect that the state of his health would soon be providing new drama. And so it turns out on Friday when – just as Summer is babysitting the youngster – Oliver has a fit. When Steve returns home, he’s met by a panicky Summer, who breathlessly explains the situation. All of which results in Steve scooping up his son and dashing off in search of medical help.

Yasmeen reaches out to Alya


When we last saw Yasmeen, her exit from her home was being barred by Geoff. But luckily on Monday she finds the courage to pick up her suitcase and stride out the door. And after arriving at the builder’s flat, Yasmeen tells Alya that she’s coming to the wedding and was right all along. But a new shiver down the spine comes for Yasmeen when she sees messages on her phone from Geoff, suggesting that he might take his own life. Dashing back to No 6, she’s horrified to find a smashed photo frame on the table together with drops of blood and no sign of Geoff. Just what has happened to the wicked abuser?

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