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Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Geoff threatens Alya, plus David's in big danger

All the big Weatherfield drama previewed

Geoff and Alya in Coronation Street
Published: Saturday, 28th March 2020 at 8:00 am

Hope you’re all getting used to the stripped-back scheduling of Coronation Street, which now airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm.


Not that they’re stinting on the drama in the week ahead as there's plenty of danger in store.

Read on for all the latest spoiler gossip for 30th March to 3rd April.

Geoff’s all heart


Might this be the start of Geoff’s downfall? I know we seem to write this whenever the next batch of spoilers are issued, but the arch manipulator is certainly going to be on the back foot this week. On Monday, we’ll see him faking some chest pains as he bids to put a halt to him and Yasmeen heading to Spain for Zeedan’s wedding. But a trumped-up medical malady isn’t enough to stop Detective Alya from digging for dirt. When she confronts the evildoer about both his fake heart scare and fictitious hotel booking, Geoff loses his temper and threatens her, only to be caught in the act by Yasmeen.

Despite Geoff then assuring Yasmeen that he’d never lie to her, viewers will see that her suspicions have been aroused. When Geoff next uses his laptop, Yasmeen makes a mental note of his password and, later, when her husband is in the shower, she ends up scrolling through his emails, only to find numerous messages to the escort agency that he regularly uses. Following a showdown, Yasmeen tells Geoff that she’s now packed for Spain and is attending Zeedan’s wedding without him. But Geoff then jumps in Yasmeen’s path and menacingly tells her that she’s not going anywhere…

David dices with danger


Reeling from the current situation with Shona, David hits self-destruct. Wandering the streets with a drink in his hand, he finds himself confronted by a gang of muggers, who drag him into an alleyway and pull a knife on him. After fighting them off, David legs it and manages to evade the gang. But by Friday, it starts to appear as though David is now setting out to deliberately attract danger when he starts taking some unnecessary risks in his interactions with strangers.

Can Gemma’s spirits be raised?

Coronation Street Gemma and Chesney

Gemma receives word on Monday that Aled’s hearing aids have arrived. Fans can then expect an emotional breakthrough on Friday when, on a visit to the audiologist, Gemma and Ches’s son hears sounds for the first time. Yet despite Aled’s face lighting up as he takes in his mum and dad’s voices, Gemma still seems to be masking a secret anxiety. By the week’s end, she’s told Bernie that because Aled’s hearing has been sorted out, her mum can now leave. It’s an instruction that leaves Bernie stunned, but will she work out that her daughter is still suffering?

Ken gets militant


Stillwater’s newest resident is peeved – he soon realises that he’s being ripped off by Charles, following the issuing of that fine. Norris reveals this is the tip of the iceberg and that Charles is raking it in left, right and centre by coming down hard on all the residents. When Ken demands a copy of the residents’ rulebook, Charles makes out that they’re waiting for a new edition to be printed. Ken, though, wasn’t born yesterday and suggests it’s time that the residents’ chair was put up for re-election. Let battle commence!

Emma’s big decision


After spending the night at a mate’s, Seb returns to the flat and adamantly assures Emma that she’s the only girl for him, claiming also that he has no interest at all in Alina. But by Wednesday, Emma is insisting that Seb move out. When he refuses to pack his stuff, Emma heads off and finds a warm welcome at Steve and Tracy’s.


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