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5 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Geoff's shock plan, Ali leaves, plus James is outed

And Ken says goodbye to No 1

Published: Saturday, 7th March 2020 at 9:15 am

The doctor is out! Yes, Ali Neeson makes his exit from Coronation Street as his rivalry with Gary Windass reaches breaking point. Elsewhere, Ken is moving out of No 1, while James finds his personal life is public news. Full spoilers for 9 to 13 March 2020 below.


Goodbye, Dr Ali


Coronation Street has never really known what to do with Dr Ali. At one point, it looked as though he was going to become an unhinged killer. A couple of months later, he’d developed a brief addiction to painkillers instead. Now, he’s at the centre of this underpowered rivalry with Gary for the affections of Maria. No wonder that, by Friday, he’s deciding to move away. He’s probably sick of not knowing who he is from one day to the next.

Ken moves out


When we first met Ken Barlow in December 1960, he was already dreaming of an escape. Back then, he was a snooty student, turning his nose up at buttered bread and bottles of sauce on the teatime dining table. Little did he know, though, that it would take him over five decades to escape the very neighbourhood he looked down upon in his youth.

Now, he’s packing the last of his things from No 1 and taking a last wistful look around the living room before he heads off for his new life at Still Waters. It’s already been announced by ITV that Ken and his latest girlfriend Claudia will be running into pernickety former next-door neighbour Norris once they’ve settled in at the luxurious-looking retirement village. If only Stephanie Cole had still been a member of the cast – she could have joined them for a Corrie version of Waiting for God.

James is outed


What begins as a celebratory week for the Bailey family quickly morphs into an anxiety-inducing one when news about James’s sexuality breaks. Monday’s double bill sees a proud Aggie collecting her Weatherfield Golden Hearts Award, but after she delivers a heartfelt speech, a reporter approaches footballer James and reveals that there are rumours about his sexuality circulating on social media. Insisting that he’s not gay, a panicked James makes a quick exit. But, back at home, he realises that Danny has inadvertently outed him online and he now fears that his career is ruined.

Geoff’s drastic plan


Wicked Geoff is caught out when Alya realises that he is the author of the horrible online reviews. The trouble is that when Alya confronts Geoff, Yasmeen sides with him! Later in the week, Alya’s determination to unmask her adversary intensify when she finds that there have been numerous cash withdrawals from the Speed Daal account. Geoff’s retaliatory strike then sees him to lie to Yasmeen that he’s seen a business advisor and suggests they sell up and move abroad!

Gemma’s wake-up call


An exhausted Gemma attends storytime at Speed Daal with the quads, but ends up falling asleep. A couple of the other mums gently take the babies from her, but Gemma will be seen being left upset when she wakes up and discovers what has happened. The stressed-out mum of four is told that she could do with some help. But Gemma doesn’t seem able to admit that she’s desperate for some assistance…


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