Coronation Street spoilers: Christmas 2014 brings tension and tears for Kylie, reveals Paula Lane

"Sparks are flying and not for the right reasons"

It looks like the Platt family is in for yet another traumatic Christmas, this time thanks to the actions of an increasingly wayward Kylie.


“It’s safe to say that there’ll be sparks flying and not for the right reasons,” says actress Paula Lane. “There’s never a dull Christmas in the Platts. Kyle’s had one bad Christmas after another, so I think she should resign herself to the fact that she’s not destined to have a happy time during the festive season. Let’s just say that Callum will be ruffling a few turkey feathers!”

Over the past couple of months, viewers have seen Kylie go off the rails after re-establishing contact with ex-boyfriend Callum (Sean Ward), who has now started to deal drugs to her. But Kylie’s husband David (Jack P Shepherd) has yet to find out about his wife’s increasing dependency on speed. So are the Platts actually going to make it to the Christmas dinner table?

“Yes, although how happy an occasion it will be is questionable!” continues Lane. “There’s going to be a lot of tension and tears on Christmas Day.”

And it seems that screen husband Jack P Shepherd is in full agreement: “David is going to have a very miserable Christmas. There’s lots of drama, agony and emotional scenes,” adds the actor.

Of the upcoming storyline, producer Stuart Blackburn has already revealed that the Platts will be left reeling when Kylie does a vanishing act in order for a pregnant Paula Lane to take maternity leave.

“For the Platts, it’s just chaos, isn’t it?” said the show’s boss back in October. “Kylie has gone back to her past and will fall into drug addiction. There’s some incredibly moving, powerful stuff. There will come a point where, for obvious reasons, Kylie vanishes. But the story doesn’t end there because, by then, David will have wound up Callum, who is not only Kylie’s violent ex, but also the father of Max. He’ll do anything he can to get payback from David.”

In a further hint about what lies ahead, Blackburn added:


“We might also find that he has a few legal rights over Max as well given that he is his natural father.”