Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove) finds herself in court next week, and her terminally ill son Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) tries to turn things around - but will the judge listen?


Meanwhile, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) is arrested, and Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) stuns everyone with a big decision.

Dylan Wilson's (Liam McCheyne) bullying torment continues, while Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) feels sidelined by girlfriend Asha Alahan's (Tanisha Gorey) crush. Elsewhere, Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) faces another hurdle, and what's next for the Rovers?

Read on f0r all your Coronation Street spoilers from 13th - 17th November 2023.

7 Coronation Street spoilers next week

1. Paul pleads Bernie's case

Dev, Gemma, Billy and Paul sit in court and await news on Bernie in Coronation Street
Dev, Gemma, Billy and Paul await news on Bernie in Coronation Street. ITV

Paul and husband Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) are all loved up after a passionate night together, but the mood sours when Bernie breaks the news to Paul and Gemma Winter-Brown (Dolly-Rose Campbell) that she's up in court for handling stolen goods.

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On solicitor Joel Deering's (Calum Lill) advice, Bernie pleads guilty. Paul, Gemma and Billy reel in shock as the judge states that given Bernie's record, they have no other option but to impose a custodial sentence.

Paul is devastated, and begs the judge to reconsider, telling her about his Motor Neurone Disease diagnosis and how he needs his mum. Will this make a difference to Bernie's fate?

As the week continues, Paul and Billy see the speech therapist, where they tell them they would like to use Paul's real voice to recreate his replacement voice. But as Paul faces up to his condition, will he still have his mum by his side?

For information and support on all aspects of motor neurone disease, visit the MND Association's website or call the charity on 0808 802 6262.

2. Amy is arrested in anti-spiking protest

Amy Barlow is arrested in Coronation Street
Amy Barlow is arrested in Coronation Street. ITV

Amy bumps into Kate in the café and recognises her from the drop in session. Amy invites her home for a chat, and assures Kate she wants to help her. The next day, Amy makes placards for an anti-spiking march, but dad Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) confides in Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) how he's worried about Amy, and wishes she would put the same focus into her degree.

Amy, Summer, Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) and Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) set off, but Mason (Luca Toolan) and his pals make disparaging remarks. Amy gets angry, and goes to hit Mason with her placard; but a police officer orders her to put it down.

To Summer's horror, Amy argues with the officer, then picks up a can of paint and sprays it all over the officer's car. Amy is soon arrested for criminal damage, but in the aftermath, Amy lies to Steve and Tracy (Kate Ford) that the march went well and she's heading off to hand in an essay.

Amy promises Asha that she's learnt her lesson and will look for other ways to be heard. But when Amy spots Dylan being bullied by Mason, she urges him not to be a victim, and ditches her plans for an early night. In a nightclub, Amy watches as a man spikes a woman's drink, and she charges over and knocks the drink from the woman's hand before leading her to the ladies'.

Amy explains that she was raped by a man like Dan, and she wants to protect other women from the same fate. The woman thanks her, and Amy approaches Dan, flirting with him. But what is she really up to?

If you have been affected by the topics raised in Amy's story, you can find help and support by visiting The Schools Consent Project and Rape Crisis, and by calling Rape Crisis's 23/7 support line on 0808 500 2222.

3. Audrey makes a big decision

Sue Nicholls as Audrey with Samia Longchambon as Maria and Jack P Shepherd as David in Coronation Street
Sue Nicholls as Audrey, with Samia Longchambon as Maria and Jack P Shepherd as David in Coronation Street. ITV

David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) and Max Turner (Paddy Bever) are taken aback when Audrey insists it's time she returned to work.

But Audrey later tells David and Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) that she's selling the barbers so she can afford to buy back her house, and she'll be coming back to work at the salon so one of them will have to go.

David and Maria try to talk Audrey round, worried about her health and, of course, their jobs. Audrey orders the pair away and locks the salon door, but the following day, David and Maria begin new roles as joint salon managers.

But as they bicker over Vin Diesel the weasel, Audrey tells them to pack it in or she'll have to choose one of them to be in charge. Can David and Maria stop the squabbling? And is Audrey coping as well as she makes out after the death of killer son Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce)?

4. Dylan forced into illegal action

Liam watches as Dylan tries to sell a vape pen to Hope in Coronation Street
Liam steps in when Dylan is forced to do Mason's bidding. ITV

Dylan feels guilty when dad Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) gives him some designer trainers and reveals he sold some of his own gear to pay for them. Under pressure from Mason, Dylan sells vape pens to the other school kids.

When Hope Dobbs (Isabella Flanagan) tries to buy one, Liam Connor (Charlie Wrenshall) points out she's only 12. Mason orders Dylan to sell it to her anyway, but Dylan is confronted by an angry Sean, who reveals he's heard about what Dylan has been up to from Hope.

Sean has found the stash of vapes and disposed of them, and Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) and Cassie call round, as Sean joins them in demanding Dylan tell them who forced him to sell vapes. Sean suggests it's Mason and threatens to call the police, so Dylan does a runner.

When he tells Mason that his dad got rid of the vapes, Mason orders Dylan to give him his new trainers! Will Dylan tell anyone what he's going through?

5. Nina feels neglected as Asha only has eyes for Isla

Asha and Nina come face to face with Darren and Courtney in Coronation Street
Asha and Nina's relationship could be in trouble. ITV

Asha tells Nina that she's meeting paramedic mentor Isla, but Nina reminds her that they're meant to be spending the day together. Hearing Asha and Amy discuss the anti-spiking demo, Nina is put out that Asha never mentioned it.

Later, enjoying drinks at the Chariot Square hotel, Asha is horrified to see Courtney (Stephanie Davis) and Darren Vance (Ryan Early) there, and she accuses Courtney of cheating on Aadi (Adam Hussain). Nina explains that Aadi and Courtney split weeks ago, and Asha is outraged at the secrecy.

Asha later arranges for them to meet Isla for lunch, but Nina is thrown when Asha arrives dressed to the nines. Asha and Isla chat about work while a bored Aadi listens, and Nina feels side-lined.

As the week continues, Asha smiles to herself when she gets a text from Isla, but what does this mean for her future with Nina?

6. Ed faces new temptation

Trevor Michael Georges as a conflicted Ed Bailey, holding a credit card in Coronation Street
Will Ed spiral again? ITV

Ed opens a letter addressed to the late Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden), and finds a new credit card. Secretly pocketing the card, Ed heads to a casino in town, but will the temptation prove too much? We know that Ed is set to commit a huge mistake soon, but is this where it starts?

7. Who will save The Rovers?

Jenny Connor stares sadly as The Rovers in Coronation Street
Jenny Connor stares sadly as The Rovers in Coronation Street. ITV

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod has promised that The Rovers won't be closed for long. But next week, Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) breaks the news to former landlady Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) that Waterfords have put The Rovers up for sale, and a property developer is hoping to buy it and turn the pub into flats! Who will stop this plan in its tracks?

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