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Coronation Street: see Johnny blame Eva for Aidan's death - watch the new scene

Johnny's bitterness will lead to a custody fight for baby Susie

Published: Saturday, 16th June 2018 at 7:28 am

The news about Eva's baby looks set to have big repercussions in next week's Coronation Street, particularly for Johnny Connor, who will be seen vowing to seek custody of the granddaughter he never knew he had.


Corrie viewers have already seen Toyah hand back baby Susie to Eva, while Monday's episode looks set to see Peter telling Carla about how he's been deceived. In shock, Carla then summons Johnny and Kate and tells them that Eva is actually Aidan's daughter.

In this sneak peek clip, Johnny can be seen railing and telling his family that if Aidan wasn't aware that he had a child, then Eva is effectively to blame for his death.

Johnny is distraught after Aidan's death

The bitterness and ill feeling will lead to a fight for Susie's future as Johnny takes on Eva where custody is concerned. But, as Catherine Tyldesley explained recently, her character will come out fighting:


"Eva is so ready, she has already given Susie up once, so she is not prepared to lose her little girl again. She is ready to play hard ball, much to everyone’s shock. If it was me, nobody would ever take my little boy away – I would stop at nothing."


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