Coronation Street: see creepy Will try to kiss Michelle – watch the full scene

Kym Marsh reveals all about where the disturbing plotline is headed


Coronation Street stalker Will Chatterton will make a move on Michelle Connor this Wednesday – but you can see the unsettling moment for yourself right here first.


At this point, Michelle is unaware that Will is the one with the vendetta against her and Robert, even going so far as to head back to his house to share a drink with him.

But don’t go expecting Michelle to remain ignorant for long! Speaking about what happens next, actress Kym Marsh told “Will goes out of the room and tells Michelle to put some music on.

“But she finds this book full of paparazzi-style photos of her. She’s absolutely horrified and terrified and now trapped in her house.”

Commenting on the finale of the story, Marsh said viewers can expect “weirdness” and “terror”, promising that fans will be “on the edge of their seats”.


Watch the scene from Wednesday’s episode below. Beneath that, there’s an interview with Kym Marsh from the set of Coronation Street. And don’t forget to watch our 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on the ITV soap.