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Coronation Street screens David Platt's rape scene - here's what happens next

Will David speak out about what has happened to him?

Published: Friday, 16th March 2018 at 8:55 pm

David Platt's night out took a dark turn on Coronation Street tonight when he was drugged and raped by his supposed friend Josh Tucker.


Friday's double bill of the ITV soap saw David hit the town only to have his drink spiked by Josh, who proceeded to take him back to his flat, throw him down onto the bed and then start to undress.

A barely conscious David was last seen lying facing down as Josh loomed over him and the bedroom door closed.


Speaking about what happens at the start of next week's episodes, actor Jack P Shepherd said recently: "David is a bit confused at first as to where he is, but then as he comes to he sees a photo of Josh and then sees his own clothes neatly folded and a note from Josh saying he has gone for a run and he will catch him later.

"You can see from David’s reaction that the truth of what has happened is dawning on him. He leaves the flat and goes straight home."

David's problems will then deepen when Josh shows no remorse for his actions. With David finding it difficult to speak out, he ends up saying that he wants to move to New Zealand to start a new life with dad Martin.


Adds Shepherd: "This is the crucial part of the storyline really – he doesn’t want anyone to know what happened. He’s ashamed and just wants to try and pretend it didn’t happen.

"He feels there is no way he can tell Shona or his mum or sister what has happened because he’s disgusted and embarrassed. And this is the point of the storyline, he should tell someone and not keep it all bottled up inside him."

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