Coronation Street: Rob Mallard on Phelan and Daniel’s clash – “Hopefully I’ll survive”

Why are the pair set for a showdown?


Daniel Osbourne looks set to clash with Pat Phelan in an upcoming episode of Coronation Street – but will only one of them walk away from the showdown?


Both Corrie characters have a history of violence, what with Daniel having pushed dad Ken down the stairs and sinister Pat holding Andy captive in a dingy basement.

Now, it looks as though these two unpredictable personalities are going to square off in tense scenes.

“I think half of the audience will be thinking, ‘Good, Phelan should kill him off, I don’t like him!’ and the other half will think, ‘No! Not Daniel!'” said actor Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel.

Daniel (Rob Mallard) was recently revealed to be guilty of trying to kill dad Ken

Recent paparazzi photos caught Mallard filming scenes that saw Daniel heading to an old folks’ home in the back of a taxi, with Phelan (Connor McIntyre) hot on his tail.

Neither the reasons for Daniel’s trip nor Phelan’s motives for following him have been made clear, but Mallard has high hopes that he’ll emerge unscathed.

“I’ve survived an attempted murder of the longest-running character in soap, so hopefully I’ll survive this,” Mallard said to Inside Soap. “It’s just a scrape with a Scouser – I’m sure I’ll be fine…”

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