There are dark times ahead in Coronation Street for Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) when wife Sinead Osbourne (Katie McGlynn) loses her battle with cervical cancer and dies on Friday 25thOctober.

The grieving dad spirals into grief and despair as he’s is left to raise baby son Bertie alone. Even though he’s surrounded by relatives sure to lend a hand, there’s one member of Daniel’s family who’s absence is sure to be felt even more than usual – his estranged mother, Denise Osbourne.

While viewers are aware there's no love lost between mother and child, Corrie producer Iain MacLeod addressed to whether the character will return to support her son in his hour of need…

“We thought about bringing her back, but the direction we wanted to go in for seeing how Daniel copes in the aftermath of losing Sinead was to focus on the family we already have on the street, and draw the Barlow and Tinker clans together.

“I also felt there is enough emotional complexity for Daniel just in the simplicity of the story, and adding in a whole layer of other mummy issues probably would have muddied the waters.

“But never say never,” he teases. “Daniel’s relationship with Denise is certainly interesting and has been so formative for the character’s background.”


Flighty Denise, played by Denise Black, was last seen in 2017. The former owner of Audrey’s hair salon was a cast regular between 1992 and 1997. Her romance with cobbles Lothario Ken Barlow resulted in baby Daniel, born in 1995, but they left shortly after his birth.

Viewers saw her again in 2007 when Ken made an attempt to reconnect with Daniel, who came back into his dad’s life as an adult in 2016.

It was later revealed troubled Denise had abandoned her son while he was in his teens, but her 2017 comeback coincided with the reveal that Daniel had tried to kill his father as revenge for him pushing girlfriend Sinead into an abortion.

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