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Coronation Street: Rana confesses to Zeedan that she's having an affair - but a big twist is coming

Zee lashes out in next week's episodes - but is he targeting the wrong person?

Published: Tuesday, 23rd January 2018 at 6:55 am

Rana Nazir will confess to husband Zeedan that she's in love with someone else in next week's Coronation Street - but will she reveal that it's Kate Connor that she's been seeing?


The upcoming drama will see Kate return to Weatherfield and go on a date with Sophie, but only on the understanding that Rana thinks it to be a good idea. But when Rana gets upset at seeing them together, Kate tells her that she needs to keep her distance as she hates seeing her with Zeedan.

Scenes to be shown on Wednesday 31 January find Rana then admit to Zee that she's been having an affair for months - and that she's going to stay with her brother.


The trouble is that Rana fails to put Zeedan in the picture about who the other person in her life actually is. And when Zee goes through her belongings and finds a handwritten note on Bistro notepaper, he storms round to the upmarket eatery and accuses Robert of having an affair with Rana!


By the end of next week, Corrie fans can expect Zeedan to hit rock bottom as he starts to knock back the whisky while accusing Rana of never having loved him in the first place.

So, is Zeedan's life set to spiral out of control? And will the truth about Rana's secret relationship with Kate be revealed?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week's drama on Coronation Street below


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