Coronation Street’s Peter Barlow set for prison in shock assault storyline?

There could be trouble on the way for Peter.

peter coronation street

There is trouble on the way for Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) in Coronation Street as he will soon find that he could be facing a potential prison sentence for a double assault. But did he do it?


The drama unfolds next week following Carla Connor’s (Alison King) run-in with new face Chelsey (Isobella Hubbard), someone who indicates they know Carla from her time away when she was suffering from mental health problems.

Carla, who spent time in a squat during her time away from Weatherfield, did indeed meet Chelsey during that time and it turns out the two spent time together whilst Carla was feeling the effects of her psychosis.

As expected, Chelsey hasn’t turned up to have a friendly catch-up and she wastes no time in demanding Carla fork over £1000 if she wants to keep that dark part of her life a secret from Peter.

When Chelsey pays Carla another visit, she is not alone and is accompanied by a man named Jordan (James Boyland), the owner of the squat who blames Carla for some drugs that were destroyed and demands that she pay up. Peter catches wind of the conversation when he spots them all and he demands answers.

Carla tries to cover so he does not work out what she has got involved in, claiming they are there to discuss renting a room, but she knows that Peter is suspicious and so relents and tells him that she is being blackmailed.

coronation street carla chelsey

Making it clear that they mean business, Jordan and Chelsey return once again but this time they catch Carla when she is in no mood to deal with them and she stands her ground. The pair are escorted out and she is hopeful that the worries are now behind her.

Unfortunately, that soon turns out to not be the case as she and Peter later hear on the radio that a man and woman have been the subjects of a vicious double assault on an estate nearby. Her interest soon turns to concern when Peter insists she turns the radio off, leading her to believe that he has taken action of his own to keep the two away.

Did Peter assault Jordan and Chelsey and if so, will he soon be due a visit from the police?


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