Coronation Street villain Pat Phelan may be pushed to commit murder again as he tries to cover his tracks - but will a suspicious Luke Britton end up being his next victim?

Fans of the ITV soap have already seen Phelan brutally bump off luckless Andy Carver earlier this year. However, past crimes will return to haunt psychopathic Pat thanks to Luke's new-found sleuthing skills.

Scenes to be shown in January 2018 see Luke start to doubt comments made by Andy's friend Matt, who told the Weatherfield mechanic that his mate was backpacking in Belize.


After Matt finally admits that the tale was fabricated by Phelan, Luke heads off to confront the twisted builder at a new development site where he's working.

When Phelan fails to answer the questions put to him, Luke resolves to report Andy as missing to the police and tell them all he knows.

But as Luke goes to leave, Phelan smacks him over the head with a rock! As the two men fight, Luke ends up punching Phelan and knocking him unconscious.

However, as Luke staggers to his car and sets off, Phelan comes to and ends up giving chase in his van. So will Luke be able to get to the police? Or will Pat catch up and silence his enemy?

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