Coronation Street: Luke in danger from Phelan as he probes Andy’s disappearance?

Will Luke get to the truth about Andy's murder?


Poor Andy Carver hasn’t been given a second thought by the residents of Coronation Street since he ‘moved away’ (or, as we all know, was abducted and then killed by Pat Phelan). But you can expect all that to change next week when Luke’s suspicions about Andy’s fate start to grow.


The upcoming drama sees Luke find some post addressed to Andy at the builders’ yard – a discovery that sets him off on the trail of his former neighbour. Luke decides to track down one of Andy’s old mates and discovers that he never actually moved to Bristol, as had been previously thought.


Suspicious that things don’t add up, Luke then confides in none other than Pat Phelan, the very last person he should be alerting! In no time at all, conniving Pat has formulated a plan to put him off the scent, first sending Luke on a wild goose chase to an address in Birmingham.

Then, the amateur sleuth is left surprised when a mate of Andy’s by the name of Matt turns up in Weatherfield to tell him that Andy is backpacking round Belize! Just how has Matt come to this conclusion? Will Luke accept what this newcomer has to say? And will Phelan continue to get away with his crime?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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