Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) confronted Damon Hay (Ciarán Griffiths) in tonight's Coronation Street (3rd February), after her partner Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) made a big confession.

Nick agreed to take money from villainous Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) to fund the Bistro, but he lied to Leanne that he had borrowed the money from his son Sam Blakeman's (Jude Riordan) inheritance. Unfortunately, the arrival of Damon complicated things further, when he introduced himself to Nick as Harvey's half-brother and blackmailed him.

Damon claimed a stake in the business and began throwing his weight around, planning regular drug drop-offs at the restaurant. Nick only realised what was going on when Damon's son Jacob (Jack James Ryan) filled him in before he left town, in fear for his life.

But tonight, the truth came out thanks to Damon's influence on Sam. Having been bullied by a girl at his school, Sam ended up receiving fighting tips from Damon, who spotted Sam practising boxing moves. Later, the girl, Conny, sprayed a can of pop all over poor Sam, ruining a magazine that Damon had given him.

When Nick then took a call from the school telling him that Sam had been fighting, he couldn't believe it. Taking him to the Bistro, Nick was furious when Sam explained to him and Leanne that Damon had given him advice.

Knowing Nick as well as she does, Leanne knew there was more to Nick's anger over Damon and she insisted that he tell her the truth. So Nick finally admitted where the cash for the Bistro had come from, how Damon fit in and what the latter had been up to ever since. Leanne was fuming as it dawned on her that Nick had also fibbed about speaking to Sam's aunt about his inheritance.

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Leanne called Damon and arranged a meeting, before instructing Nick to stay at home. At the Bistro, Leanne revealed that she knew everything and that the drug drops must stop now. As the pair spoke frankly, Leanne filled Damon in on the loss of her young son Oliver in 2020, and added that it had made her fearless enough to deal with people like Harvey - and Damon, too.

Damon showed empathy, but as Nick arrived, the dodgy man insisted that a new drugs delivery would be going ahead. However, he then explained that it would be the last one, as working with Nick and Leanne was now far too much hassle.

Will Damon keep to his word? And will Leanne forgive Nick?

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