Coronation Street: lap dancer Bethany gets the sack!

The Platts ensure that Bethany loses her job in next week's Corrie


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Coronation Street - Ep 9363

Friday 26th January 2018 - 1st Ep

 Learning that Bethany Platt [LUCY FALLON] has a day off Sarah Platt [TINA O'BRIEN] Gail Rodwell [HELEN WORTH] and Audrey Roberts [SUE NICHOLLS] decide to check out the lap dancing club unaware that Bethany has been called in to cover for another girl. When Bethany walks on stage and spots her mum and gran in the audience she is mortified. Have they lost her the job?

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The Platt family will discover all about Bethany’s new choice of career on next week’s Coronation Street – so, are her days as a lap dancer now numbered?


Tensions look set to explode after Craig is called to a fracas at the lap dancing club and finds that a beaten-up Gary is on the scene.

Craig then takes Bethany home, where devoid of any shame, she tells Sarah that she’s been working as a lap dancer and that Gary came into the club and tried to grope her.

But when Gary later says that Bethany set him up with a mate and then framed him for assault, with Sarah accept the explanation?


Certainly, by the end of next week, Sarah has decided that she needs to know more about the environment in which her daughter is working

On a mission to check out the lap dancing club, she, Gail and Audrey visit the premises, unaware that Bethany has been called in to cover for another girl.


So when Bethany walk on stage and spots her family members in the audience, she’s mortified and ends up losing her job.

Scenes to be shown on Friday 26 January see Bethany grow furious with her mum, Gail and Audrey for getting her the sack.

All of which leads to Sarah making a decision about the heated situation that shocks the rest of the Platt clan. Just what has she opted to do about Bethany’s future?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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