The life of Coronation Street's Robert Preston has been left hanging in the balance tonight after he was mown down by Kate Connor.


A distracted Kate was seen glancing at her mobile phone as an incoming call from Rana came through - just as young Joseph stepped in front of the Bistro car she was driving.

Heroic Robert darted into the road to save the lad, only to end up being hit by the vehicle, which sent him flying into the air and back onto the ground.

Robert was last seen lying unconscious after smacking his head on the cobbles.


When Corrie returns at 8.30pm, fans will see Kate call for an ambulance, while Michelle tends to her injured boyfriend.

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After being rushed to hospital, Robert awakens and is soon told by doctors that he'll make a full recovery.

But with Michelle already worried about Robert's health after recently finding a lump in his testis, she decides to take matters into her own hands and arranges an appointment with the hospital's urologist, who recommends a scan.


Later on, Robert is told that the lump is most likely malignant and that he'll need an operation as soon as possible. But why has the Bistro owner deciding to hide this bombshell news from Michelle?

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