Coronation Street airs devastating death after sinkhole drama

At least one resident is dead after the Halloween-themed horror week.


STRICT EMBARGO - No Use Before Tuesday 12th October 2021

Coronation Street - Ep 10463

Friday 22nd October 2021 - 2nd Ep

As the water below continues to rise, Johnny Connor [RICHARD HAWLEY] and Jenny Connor [SALLY ANN MATTHEWS]  scream for help clinging to the ladder,

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Coronation Street fans have been on the edge of their seats all week as the soap’s dramatic stunt week played out in full force.


Almost every resident of the famous cobbles was in danger as the Platt sinkhole opened and wreaked havoc across the Halloween festivities.

A number of beloved characters fell underground when the surface gave way but on tonight’s episode, one lost their life.

Spoilers ahead from this point on as we break down the action from a gripping week on Coronation Street

When Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) fell through the ground, there was only one man who was completely determined to save his love: Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley).

Jumping into the sinkhole while Shona (Julia Goulding) watched on, heroic Johnny was hellbent on bringing Jenny back to the surface and investigated the underwater canals until he found her.

Although the classic couple had actually separated in recent weeks, Johnny’s love for Jenny was undeniable and thankfully he managed to tell her while they waited for help.

The pair climbed a rusty ladder but to no avail – the drain cover at the surface was sealed shut, and much too heavy for Johnny to lift from below.

As the water continued to rise, time was well and truly running out for them. The emergency services weren’t allowed to pull them out until they knew the ground was safe for them to do so.

Shona took matters into her own hands and climbed into the sinkhole, too. She managed to feed a piece of rope through to Jenny and Johnny to pull one of them under water to rejoin with her on the other side of a wall foundation.

Jenny went first, and kissing Johnny goodbye, there looked to be hope for the pair.

But when she got to the other side, Johnny died, but not without hearing calls from his late son, Aidan (Shayne Ward).

That’s not all, either, as on the top of the ground, Leanne (Jane Danson) faced her worst nightmare: Harvey’s (Will Mellor) return.

The escaped prisoner was desperate to avenge his prison sentence, and he would only really be happy when Leanne (who was dressed as Morticia Addams) was dead.

A brutal chase through Coronation Street resulted in Harvey falling through the ground, too, only for him to land conveniently close to the gun left by Abi Franklin (Sally Carmen).

Heading straight to Lee’s flat, Harvey waited, and shot who he thought was Leanne – except it wasn’t, it was Sam’s mum Natasha (Rachel Leskovac) who was also dressed as Morticia.


Natasha was sent straight to hospital, but will she pull through?

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