Sean Tully's homelessness storyline on Coronation Street will take another disturbing turn when he's set upon by thugs and left battered. Viewers have already seen Sean forced out onto the streets following a run of bad luck - and that misfortune looks set to continue next week when he misses out on the chance to rent a grotty bedsit being offered by one of Dev's friends.


The trouble is that Sean - by this point - has given away his tent to a homeless woman by the name of Carol after making out that he's been sleeping rough for charity. Scenes to be shown on Wednesday 1 August will see Sean receive his wages from Toyah and try to get his tent back from Carol. But he's affronted when she gives him a list of hostels and ends up waving his cash in her face.

Sean's day then goes from bad to worse when he pays the price for his pride and gets robbed by two men in some public toilets, enduring a beating in the process.


In the aftermath of the attack, Carol finds Sean slumped in the toilets in a bloodied mess and takes him to A&E, where he's forced to admit that he's homeless. Later on, back at the rec, Sean finds that his things have been stolen and Carol ends up showing him a homeless encampment in another area of the park. Reflecting on his current hardship, Sean wonders how his life has now come to this...


Speaking recently about the real-life experience that has influenced his portrayal of Sean in this plotline, actor Antony Cotton said: "This can happen to anyone. Earlier this year, I got a random message on social media from a lad I had met a few times, he had become homeless and was asking for help.

"I thought all the classic things that everybody does – that all homeless people are on drugs or there’s something wrong with them. But I was thinking, ‘What could have possibly got them in this position?'

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“He was living in a tent and I decided to help, I got in touch with the Manchester-based homeless charity Barnabus for advice and I booked him into a Travelodge for three nights and started the ball rolling to get things back on track.

"This man had lost everything. He’d been robbed, had no front teeth where he’d been beaten up. No wonder people give up.”


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