Coronation Street killer Gary Windass (Mikey North) sunk to new depths on Friday 19th July when he tried to frame dead loan shark Rick Neelan for the factory roof collapse that killed Rana Habeeb, but the bad boy builder is not off the hook yet.


Fans were bluffed into believing the wild Windass was confessing to the crime when he told lawyer - and Rana's grieving brother - Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) that Ms Habeeb was dead because of him, only to then twist the truth by saying he was in debt to sinister Rick who deliberately tampered with the roof to ruin Gary's professional reputation when he couldn't pay him back.

We all know Gary was actually the one to sabotage Underworld so Carla Connor would realise how urgent the roof repair work was and give the lucrative job to skint Mr Windass. When the place caved in and caused all the carnage, Gary tried to wriggle out of his debt to Rick and double crossed him, leading to a violent showdown in the woods in which Gary killed the raging gangster in self-defence and buried his body in the woods.

Guilt-ridden Gaz thought he'd successfully deflected, but when he insisted to the cops Rick was to blame they weren't immediately convinced by this sudden surge of new information and saw through it.

coronation street gary windass imran habeeb

On Monday 22nd July, desperate Gary breaks into Rick's house, steals a jacket and smears it with anti-vandal paint hoping this fake evidence will back up his story - however, Mr Neelan's feisty sidekick Sharon catches him in the act!

Later in Monday's double bill, the police drag Gary in once again - has he managed to pin it on the nasty, and conveniently dead, Mr Neelan? Or is this the moment Mr Windass is brought to justice?


Rick's teenage daughter Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) is hanging around and definitely not buying Gary's story that her dad has done a runner. She's bound to keep digging, and Corrie wouldn't have bothered introducing her if she wasn't set to become a thorn in Gary's side. Perhaps she teams up with scary Sharon to find out what's really happened to Rick?

North recently told there is more to come from his edgy alter ego, all but confirming he's not about to be banged up any time soon - and may even end up with more blood on his hands…

coronation street gary windass

"There are storylines coming up in the next year and beyond that test him further and put him in situations where he must decide whether to kill again.

"He's not set out to murder anyone so I still think he can just about be redeemed," he added. "But he is getting deeper, maybe to the point of no return…"


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