Coronation Street: Gary is back from the dead – but will David blow his baby secret?

Is Gary's relationship with Sarah about to implode?

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Sarah Platt got the shock of her life in tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street when boyfriend Gary Windass was revealed to still be alive.


The Platt family had been under the impression that Gary had lost his life in an explosion while working in Ukraine, but as it turned out, only his belongings had been in the vehicle that was blown up.

The plotline twist had already been revealed in tabloid reports, although many Coronation Street fans would still have been unaware of Gary’s miraculous resurrection, seeing as the ITV soap deliberately had not publicised his return.

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An overjoyed Sarah was later seen suggesting that she and Gary get engaged. But a cliffhanger scene then saw David learn of the news. And he, of course, is aware that Phelan’s daughter Nicola is expecting Gary’s baby following a recent one-night stand.

Find out at 8.30pm whether David decides to reveal the truth about Gary’s infidelity…

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