Coronation Street gang violence: Flora is attacked as Simon runs riot

Could the actions of teen terror Simon prove fatal?


Simon Barlow will skid further off the rails in next week’s Coronation Street when he ends up being involved in an attack on pensioner Flora McArdle.


In the run-up to the violent assault, Simon will be seen getting suspended from school and becoming further embroiled with local thugs. The first flashpoint comes when Simon meets with Tyler and his followers at Roy’s Rolls and they team up to distract employee Alex in order to steal from the till. As a reward, Tyler then presents Simon with a hoodie and welcomes him fully into his gang.


Pretty soon, though, tensions are increasing when Tyler discovers that Flora has been left £250,000 by her late son Vinny. Scenes to be shown on Friday 29 June find the gang leader hatching a plan to break into the corner shop while everyone is at a party at the Bistro. But when Flora returns to the flat and disturbs them, Tyler throws a jewellery box at the senior citizen and knocks her unconscious.

In the wake of the showdown, Tyler scarpers, but Simon remains at the scene – and when Flora comes round, she tells the police that Simon stayed with her to make sure she was OK. And after he’s arrested on suspicion of burglary, Simon finally breaks down and admits that Tyler forced him to rob the cafe till and the flat.


But Simon soon learns that – in crossing Tyler – he’s put himself in danger. Back at home, alone in the backyard, Simon bumps into Tyler, who says that the police have charged him and he intends to have his revenge. But what kind of retribution will Tyler end up taking?


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