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Coronation Street: Eileen discovers Phelan's kidnap secret?

Will Andy be saved by Eileen in next week's episodes of Corrie?

Published: Tuesday, 29th August 2017 at 7:00 am

Is Eileen about to uncover husband Phelan's dark abduction secret? It certainly looks that way when - in next week's Coronation Street - she turns up at the house where Andy Carver is currently being held captive.


Corrie fans have been gripped ever since it was recently revealed that Andy is not dead (as had been previously surmised) and is instead the prisoner of Pat, who has him shackled in the basement of a property he's supposedly renovating.


Now the upcoming drama will see a weak and ill Andy beg Phelan to take him to a doctor, only to be told by his kidnapper that his grave has already been dug.

But with suspicions mounting in the minds of the two women in Phelan's life, it looks like the pressure will be building for the Weatherfield villain as the week goes on.

Daughter Nicola will be seen spotting some photos of Andy at the builders' yard, forcing her dad to come up with a hasty cover story.

But worse is to come when Eileen calls round at the house where Andy is currently located asking for an explanation as to why Phelan went to the medical centre asking for antibiotics. Is the truth about to come out at last?

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