Coronation Street’s Ed finds out James is gay – how does he react?

"Ed is old-fashioned to the point he is blinkered"

Coronation Street Ed and James

Coronation Street is gearing up to air a devastating story for James Bailey (Nathan Graham) as he finally plucks up the courage to tell his father, Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges), he’s gay – but it doesn’t go well.


It’s been bubbling under the surface for a while, and following the return of James’ love, Danny (Dylan Brady), everything comes to a head from next week (starting 17th February).

But it won’t be smooth sailing for James and Ed as the father can’t fight his old-fashioned views.

Actor Trevor has spilled all on the big week on Coronation Street, speaking about the scene his on-screen son comes out, telling us: “It’s a difficult scene because everyone is waiting for the penny to drop. The tension becomes so high that James eventually blurts it out and there is a moment of silence and then a moment of shock.”

But how does Ed react? “He is totally blindsided. Ed’s immediate reaction is that he is hurt and shocked that he doesn’t know his own family,” Trevor explained. “He feels betrayed by the people he loves and would die for. The betrayal is expanded further when he discovers the love interest of his own son is someone he knows and he has a difficult time trying to process this on his own.”

Coronation Street Ed and James
Coronation Street’s Ed and James
Later on, Trevor suggested Ed has an extreme reaction to finding out James is gay and it leaves the family completely shattered – especially when he discovers his old pal Danny is James’ boyfriend.

“He’s old fashioned to the point that he is blinkered. He is a political dinosaur and he is living in the past and he says he knows he is wrong and he has the strength to say he is trying to work it through. He has to go in to himself and be honest with himself – there are aspects on very simple terms that are wrong,” Trevor said.

He added: “He says things out loud that are wrong and unfortunately he is saying it to people that are equally nervous about what he thinks and feels. Some damage is done by what he says off the cuff.”


But what does Ed say? And how will the family move on?

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