Daniel and Beth leave Coronation Street together – find out when they’ll be back

A certain ice-skating show had something to do with it…

coronation street daniel osbourne beth sutherland

He’s been widowed, dumped and labelled a pariah, so it’s no wonder Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) wants to get away from Coronation Street for a while – but who predicted he’d go on holiday with arch-enemy Beth Sutherland (Lisa George) just days after she accused him of tarnishing his late wife’s memory?


Friday 6th March’s hour-long edition dealt with the aftermath of Bethany Platt’s departure, who left her boyfriend behind for a new life in That London when she realised she was doomed to be in the shadow of Daniel’s tragic spouse Sinead, who died from cancer in October 2019. Daniel calling her ‘Sinead’ when he drunkenly proposed somewhat sealed the deal.

Worried for his welfare, the Barlows banded together to book devastated Daniel into a Scottish retreat so he can get proper help for his ailing mental health. Not wanting to leave little boy Bertie behind, Daniel refused, but was taken aback when Sinead’s auntie Beth agreed to put their differences aside and accompany him so she could babysit while he got his head straight.

With the frost between the sworn enemies defrosted for the sake of Bertie’s happiness, Daniel and Beth hugged it out and left for the retreat north of the border. The characters will be off screen for a little while, but we can reveal the real reason they’ve been temporarily written out…

coronation street daniel osbourne

Corrie is filmed a few months in advance so what’s on screen now was shot near the start of the year, just as George began her stint as a contestant on the latest series of Dancing On Ice.

To help the actress juggle her busy schedule, a spokesperson for the soap confirmed to RadioTimes.com she was granted a temporary leave of absence – while Mallard has been at the centre of so many dramatic scenes he was just given some time off!

“Daniel and Beth’s holiday to Scotland facilitated Lisa George having time off for Dancing On Ice, and a well-earned break for the brilliant Rob Mallard. They will be away for a few weeks.”

Despite the truce, can the pair really stop bickering for that long after trading so many insults over the last few months?


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