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Coronation Street: Cropperccino? 6 ways that Roy's Rolls could compete with Costa Coffee

We aim to stop the beloved cafe owner from going out of business

Published: Tuesday, 30th January 2018 at 12:09 pm

News that a branch of Costa Coffee will be opening on the extension to the Coronation Street set has got us worried. Just how will Roy Cropper compete against the corporate competition? Could Roy's Rolls be going out of business? Well, not if the cafe owner takes a read of our 6 top tips...


Cropper's Coffee Classics
A soothing CD of relaxing classical music on sale in Roy's Rolls and curated by Roy Cropper and Ken Barlow. Vaughan Williams's The Lark Ascending featured as a bonus track in memory of Hayley.


Carla's sabotage
The formidable Carla is currently at a loose end, so she could indulge in some industrial espionage. Failing that, she launches a hostile takeover of Whitbread and buys up the entire brand. She is, after all, a one-woman Dragons' Den.

Anna Windass turns vigilante
Ever loyal to her old boss, Anna breaks out of prison and - having been hardened by life inside - wrecks Costa with a crowbar and a cafe spatula fashioned into a dangerous weapon.


The Roy’s Rolls Roy-alty card
A Costa Coffee Club card rewards loyal customers, so how about the Roy’s Rolls Roy-alty card where you earn points every time you have a bacon buttie? Small business were built on loyalty after all. Perhaps you get the fifth fry-up free?


Royston needs to get with the jazzy branding if he wants to compete with the big corporations, so Roy’s Rolls could become the home of the famous ‘Cropperccino’ – a proper cup of coffee from the cobbles' café king. We’re also seeing branded bags for life and flasks. And possibly cardigans.

Social media blitz
Instagram sensation and model Rosie Webster is a lifelong customer, so get her on social media as brand ambassador pronto. She’d bring in the hip young crowd with her followers flooding the café as Rosie serves up macchiatos on roller skates.

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