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Coronation Street coercive control storyline hits home for emotional viewers

Yasmeen finally stood up to Geoff and fans loved it!

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Published: Thursday, 23rd July 2020 at 1:10 am

Coronation Street delivered a powerful climax to the coercive control storyline between Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) and husband Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) after months of slow build – and fans have rushed to applaud the episode.


Yasmeen is in prison awaiting a trial for attempted murder of her husband, but after his ex Elaine (Paula Wilcox) revealed Geoff exerted the same kind of psychological control and abuse in their relationship, the emotionally damaged woman finally found some strength and in a powerful scene rang him from prison and finally stood up to him, declaring they were finished and she'd rather stay in prison than return to their marital home.

Coronation Street fans loved her long-awaited stand.

Crucially, though, the domestic abuse storyline had to deliver a conclusion that did justice all the people who have suffered this kind of coercive control themselves. Many took to Twitter to register their approval of the way the ITV soap handled it and how the Geoff and Yasmeen relationship mirrored their own lives.

Another viewer tweeted that she would have loved to have been able to speak to her ex partner the way Yasmeen delivered her tirade to Geoff and spoke of the "anger and hurt" she felt watching the episode unfold.

One Coronation Street fan applauded the brilliance with which the characters portrayed the storyline – possibly an early contender for storyline of the year at the British Soap Awards next year?

There was a minority counter-reaction on social media to Yasmeen's furious phone call from prison. One viewer felt she was "adding fuel to the fire" and creating more trouble for herself

However, the overwhelming response has been a chorus of approval and a genuinely emotional response the storyline evoked from viewers, many of whom had been brought to tears.

The Yasmeen and Geoff storyline is far from over though and Coronation Street has hinted there is much more to come, particularly around Geoff's previous relationship with Elaine, who could be the key to getting Yasmeen out of prison but who refuses to testify.

As well, Yasmeen's world is set to take another turn when all of the stress she's under causes her to suffer a heart attack, delaying her trial.


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