Joel Deering (Calum Lill) is in for a shock in upcoming scenes when his "soon to be ex-wife" shows up on the cobbles looking for answers, leaving Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) brokenhearted on Coronation Street.


As viewers will soon find out, Joel offers to meet one of Dee-Dee's clients on her behalf but is interrupted by an angry Emily, and an intrigued Toyah watches a panicked Joel steer her out of the bistro. Joel then lies to Dee-Dee about the client being a waste of time and soon she is show the CCTV footage from the bistro as it is revealed to her Joel has a wife and daughter!

In a Q&A ahead of the scenes, Lill told and other press that technically, Joel and Emily are going through a divorce, but legally, it's a whole different story.

"So we find out that he's actually got a wife and a daughter," Lill explained. "He's going through the divorce, but legally, she's not his ex-wife yet. So his soon to be ex wife, Emily turns up out of the blue and confronts him saying, 'We need to do this now. I'm sick of waiting.'

"And it's finalising the divorce and this happens in the bistro, and Toyah has kind of twigged that there's something a bit odd here, and a bit strange about this woman and then she's shown the CCTV, this whole interaction to Dee-Dee. [It all] kind of unravels."

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Calum Lill as Joel Deering in Coronation Street. He is looking at two women shocked
Calum Lill as Joel Deering. ITV

As for why Joel has deceived Dee-Dee for so long, Lill believes it's a matter of Joel just waiting for the right time to tell the truth, but has dug himself a deeper hole.

Viewers will soon be able to give their own verdict as to whether or not Joel is hiding something more from Dee-Dee and while remaining tight-lipped about future scenes, Lill hinted that the introduction of his parents will soon reveal all.

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Speaking of Joel's reasoning for his behaviour, Lill teased that it could be the matter of his upbringing.

He told and other press: "It's kind of the the middle child of a middle class family. And he's probably navigating that and trying to be good enough. I'm looking forward to [seeing that] play out and see[ing] how that unfolds."

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