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Coronation Street: Andy starves to death after Phelan abandons him?

Has Pat left his captive to die?

Published: Monday, 21st August 2017 at 8:55 pm

Coronation Street captive Andy Carver has been left crying in despair at the climax to tonight's double after being abandoned by evil Pat Phelan.


Poor Andy was last seen sitting alone in the cellar where he's been held since January, obviously fearful that he'll now starve to death.

Prior to the cliffhanger, Andy was witnessed trying to strangle villainous Pat with a length of cord he'd ripped from his mattress, only to be overpowered by his opponent.

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As punishment, Phelan took Andy's mattress away, but found a cry for help written by the hostage stuffed inside.

Clutching a hammer, Phelan then headed back to his lair where he railed at Andy for ruining his life and stated that he wished he'd killed him all those months ago.

Incensed, Phelan then exited, telling Andy that he didn't know when he'd be back! Viewers will now have to wait to discover whether Andy makes another bid for freedom on Wednesday or if Pat's daughter Nicola will start to suspect that her dad is up to no good.

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So far, Phelan has done an expert job in covering his tracks, although Nicola did catch him tonight trying to dispose of Andy's filthy mattress. Might she be the one to expose her father's crimes?


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