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Coronation Street's Adam to learn about Daniel's obsession with Nicky?

It seems that Nicky's job secret could be out.

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Published: Wednesday, 26th August 2020 at 4:07 pm

Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) has been seeing Nicky (Kimberly Hart Simpson) for a while now, but he has been keeping one key detail a secret from his friends and family on Coronation Street - Nicky is a sex worker and he has been paying for her time.


Whilst Daniel has not been sleeping with Nicky, he has been dressing her up as his dead wife, and spraying her with Sinead's perfume so he can close his eyes and pretend he is with her - something that has even started to disturb Nicky as time has gone on.

But Daniel's obsession has continued to grow and when he offers to pay Nicky double her usual rate while she is with someone at The Bistro, a series of events occur that lead to Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) being on the verge of learning who she is and what she does.

After Nicky is arrested for getting into a heated row, Daniel asks Adam if he can help her out and while he soon learns that she has been released without charge, it seems that Adam could be on the verge of learning that she is an escort.

nicky coronation street

How will Adam react if he learns Nicky's profession, and what will he do if he discovers the sort of things that Daniel has been paying her to do?

As for Daniel, he makes it clear that he only wants friendship with Nicky and invites her over for a drink - insisting that it's just platonic. But with it becoming increasingly clear that Daniel is starting to develop real feelings for her, is he setting himself up for a fall?

Elsewhere on the cobbles, we are about to see the return of Todd Grimshaw - although he will be looking very different from when we last saw him. While Coronation Street has recently begun to tease the mystery of where he has been, including the discovery of a body, expect Gareth Pierce to make his debut in the role in the coming weeks.


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