It's been an eventful 12 months on the cobbles that saw shedloads of shocking twists, scandalous affairs and a serial killer on the loose.


As a new year begins on Coronation Street, there's more drama ahead with old faces returning, secrets from the past emerging and heartbreaking goodbyes on the horizon.

Get ready for's epic plot preview for 2024.

Adam and Harvey destroy Damon

Ciarán Griffiths as Damon Hay, on the phone in Coronation Street
Damon Hay in Coronation Street. ITV

Following his recent kidnap ordeal, Adam Barlow has even more reasons to hate Damon Hay – as if wrecking his marriage to Sarah Barlow wasn’t enough. As Damon and Sarah’s romance reignites, Adam plays dirty to get rid of his love rival and ropes in some unexpected reinforcements.

“Adam pays a visit to Damon’s half-brother, Harvey Gaskell, in prison,” reveals Corrie producer Iain MacLeod. “Damon is a shared problem for Adam and Harvey, so they form an unholy alliance to help each other out.” But have they underestimated Damon, who will stop at nothing to get revenge on Adam and convince Sarah he’s changed his bad boy ways?

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Bethany's big secret

Daniel, Daisy and Bethany standing amid a gloomy sky in Coronation Street
Daniel, Daisy and Bethany in Coronation Street. ITV

Bethany Platt kicked off 2024 by making a surprise return to Weatherfield and jumping straight into bed with old flame Daniel Osbourne. She’ll be squaring up to Daniel’s jealous ex Daisy Midgeley, but there’s more to Bethany’s comeback than a love triangle, as actress Lucy Fallon teases: “Bethany has been forced to come back because something happened in London, where she’s been for the last four years. She’s being a bit secretive – and that’s all I can say about it for now!”

What, or who, is Bethany running from?

Paul begs Todd to help him die

Coronation Street's Paul has tears in his eyes
Paul in Coronation Street.

Time is running out for Paul Foreman as his MND symptoms worsen and the disease begins to take hold. Desperate to end his suffering on his terms, and knowing he only has months left, he begs Todd Grimshaw to help him end his life when the time comes.

When doctors refuse to prescribe pain relief medication, Paul then resorts to asking former addict Abi Webster to score drugs from an old contact. Will Paul’s mission to die with dignity get others in trouble?

Jenny and Daisy betray each other?

Charlotte Jordan as Daisy Midgeley in Coronation Street
Daisy Midgeley in Coronation Street. ITV

The Rovers Return has finally reopened, with Jenny Connor and Daisy Midgeley in charge, but the punters have no idea the joint landladies stole the cash to buy back their beloved boozer. Everyone thinks the pair secured a bank loan, when in actual fact they ‘borrowed’ the money serial killer Stephen Reid nicked from Underworld, having found it hidden in a secret account.

As relations between the bosses start to sour, could one of them dob them in about the theft? “They are not proud of what they did to get the Rovers,” admits Charlotte Jordan, who plays Daisy. “It’s going to be a power struggle. Daisy wants Jenny to treat her with respect and take her ideas about running the pub seriously. It’s not going to go smoothly!” Could they go from running a bar to being behind bars for fraud in 2024?

Passion for Nina and Aadi

Coronation Street's Nina and Aadi kiss
Coronation Street's Nina and Aadi kiss.

More obstacles are set to block the path of true love for Aadi Alahan and Amy Barlow, as a variety of twists conspire to keep the pair from getting together. Aadi prepares to declare his love for Ames at his and twin sister Asha Alahan’s upcoming birthday party, only for a misunderstanding to make Ms Barlow fall out with her smitten friend.

Meanwhile, Asha rows with girlfriend Nina Lucas over her jealousy, and when Aadi and Nina console each other over their lousy love lives, they end up sharing a passionate kiss! The indiscretion is exposed and Asha cuts her brother out of her life for good. When Aadi then falls unconscious alone at his flat. Will anyone find him in time or will he die before making amends with his twin?

Evelyn accused of assault

Evelyn talking to a man whilst holding two white boxes as Roy is stood behind her
Evelyn and Roy in Coronation Street.

Convinced that cruel dog owner Terry is running an illegal puppy farm, Evelyn Plummer vows to bring him to justice as 2024 begins. Secretly tracking down her mum’s nemesis to a grotty house, Cassie Plummer discovers crates of mistreated pooches trapped in terrible conditions and tries to rescue them, just as Terry returns and catches her red-handed.

Terry is then found beaten, having been seriously assaulted, and suspicion falls on innocent Evelyn. A stash of cash is also stolen from the puppy farm, and when Hope Dobbs finds her grandma is hiding some loot it looks like the game is up! Unless Cassie can convince Hope to keep quiet with a cheeky bribe…

Ryan returns?

Ryan in Coronation Street.
Ryan in Coronation Street.

Acid attack survivor Ryan Connor was probably glad to see the back of Weatherfield when he left for a new life in Glasgow with rebound girlfriend Crystal just before Christmas. His affair with Daisy Midgeley had been rumbled and he felt the vengeful wrath of her fiancée Daniel Osbourne.

While Daniel cuddles up with old flame Bethany Platt, Daisy is on her own, but for how long? Has she really lost both the men in her life, or can Daniel forgive her – and if Ryan returns in 2024, will he be single and wanting to win Daisy back?

Tracy tempted to cheat

Kate Ford as Tracy Barlow in Coronation Street.
Kate Ford as Tracy Barlow in Coronation Street.

Anyone else clock the frisson between Tracy McDonald and Weatherfield County legend Tommy Orpington when she served him in the florists’ over Christmas? You can expect that moment to definitely lead to more in 2024, as the ex-footballer, now painter and decorator, makes his presence felt on the cobbles.

“This attractive, successful, and newly-single, man upsets the apple cart in spectacular fashion,” teases Corrie producer Iain MacLeod. “It’s going to be a fun storyline but potentially quite sad, and triggers something really big over the next year and a new direction for some of our characters.”

Carla's long-lost family

Alison King as Carla and Jack Carroll as Bobby in Coronation Street
Alison King as Carla and Jack Carroll as Bobby in Coronation Street. ITV

Carla Barlow starts the new year embarking on a new chapter as a single woman, following the breakdown of her marriage to Peter Barlow who left the Street on Boxing Day in tearjerking scenes. Thankfully, she’s got a distraction in the form of nephew Bobby, played by Jack Carroll, who will cause all sorts of chaos for his long-lost auntie as 2024 begins.

“Carla takes pity on Bobby when his mum throws him out,” says Carroll. “She swings him a job at the factory, luckily not modelling any of the merchandise as of yet! Bobby is a lot of fun but will be involved in a massive storyline later this year which is very exciting and a bit of a blockbuster. I can’t wait to get working on that!”

Fiz is back

Fiz leaves Coronation Street.
Fiz, Ruby and Hope in Coronation Street. ITV

Fiz Dobbs left her family behind to take a temporary job in Norwich last year, to accommodate actress Jennie McAlpine’s maternity leave. The much-loved character is expected to be back on screen by the summer once McAlpine returns to work, and there will be a lot for our Fiona to catch up on, as her estranged mother-in-law Cassie Plummer has rocked the Dobbs household since her arrival six months ago.

When Fiz eventually comes home, will chaotic Cassie still be around? And if so, what kind of relationship will the women have, especially considering Cassie is slowly but surely corrupting Fiz’s tearaway daughter Hope Dobbs?

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